This chart uses a base(10) logarithmic scale to give some additional visual distribution of the films on the y-axis. Hovering on images reveals a tool-tip with a larger poster image and specific data about the film.

Also this is my first experiment using svg images with the d3 library. There are issues to be resolved regarding asynchronus requests for data. Movie titles from the CSV of Kaggle film data are used to subsequently make requests to The Movie Database. There's presently an artifiical time set at two seconds before building the visualization to allow the request to complete.

In the future, when working with asynchronous requests I'm planning on using a Promise.all to gather the d3 data promise and API requests' returned promises, before building the chart. Sorted this out by creating an asynchronous helper function that allows all searches for movie data to complete before building the visualization.

This work will help with future plans to mine movie SRT files and to study word usage in popular films and build visualizations similar to "The Largest Vocabulary in Hip Hop."